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ph, cqa, 9, xh9, 8c, q, 4, q51, po, vz, z1j, jle, Community Tickets - Talking Stick Festival

Community Tickets

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We are pleased to offer the Community Tickets Program as part of the 2020 Talking Stick Festival

Proudly supported by

Full Circle and the Talking Stick Festival believe the arts should be accessible to all, no matter one’s ability to pay. The Community Ticket program was established to ensure low-income and socially disadvantaged members of our communities would have access to live performances by offering set quantity of no cost or by donation admission to performances and educational programs at the Festival.

If you would like to support us by giving someone the gift of attending the Festival, donations to this cause can be made through here or at time of ticket purchase during the Festival.

Click here to request your Community Tickets