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kn, 8u, 74, 8, xi, i3, Contact Us - Talking Stick Festival

Contact Us

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For general inquires, contact info@fullcircle.ca. You can also call 604.683.0497 and speak with one of our staff members.

If you would like to send us mail, please address the envelope to our mailing address on Denman street (see below).


TSF/Production – production@fullcircle.ca

Music Production – music@fullcircle.ca

Box Office – boxoffice@fullcircle.ca

Operations and Human Resources

Ludovic Sallin (Office Manager) –  ludovic@fullcircle.ca

Marketing – marketing@fullcircle.ca

Sponsorship – sponsorship@fullcircle.ca

Cultural and Community Liaison – culture@fullcircle.ca

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