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Tickets - Talking Stick Festival

Talking Stick Festival Tickets

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CLICK HERE to purchase tickets for TALKING STICK FESTIVAL shows, except those listed here below.

CLICK HERE to purchase tickets for FERRON concerts (Feb 25 w/ special guest Ms. Pan!k | Feb 26 w/ special guests M’Girl) at the York Theatre.

CLICK HERE to purchase ticket for MATRIARCHS UPRISING (Feb 21 – Program 1 | Feb 22 – Program 2) at The Cultch Historic Theatre.

CLICK HERE to purchase tickets for THE COYOTE WAY (GOING) BACK HOME and FUKRY, Feb 25 at Vancity Theatre.

CLICK HERE to purchase tickets for BLOOM, Feb 25 at the Dance Centre.

Ticket prices at talkingstickfest.ca do not include GST, and all prices shown are net of service charges, which are added on at purchase.

Ticket prices for festival shows and events vary.

Many festival shows and events are Free or By Donation / Pay-What-You-Can at the door.

Find the ticket prices for individual performances and events listed with their descriptions.

All ticket sales are final.

Bring your pre-purchased tickets with you to performances.

1.      Print them out.


2.      Download them to your smart phone.

For accessibility questions or concerns, or for any other ticketing questions: boxoffice@fullcircle.ca