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bt, ej7, q, 4zl, f, na, di5, Heartbeatz! - Talking Stick Festival




Come celebrate the festival’s first Saturday night by enjoying the best Indigenous music has to offer. The line-up includes alt-folk rock artist Diyet & The Love Soldier’s (Southern Tutchone/Tlingit) unique blend of contemporary Indigenous music; soulful loop artist David Morin (Metis); blues-roots artist Norine Braun (Metis), and DJ O Show (Squamish). Heartbeatz!

Suitable for 19+. Cash Bar.

For more info: Diyet & The Love Soldiers!

Date: February 17, 2018
Time: 7:30 doors / 8pm show – midnight
Location: Russian Hall (600 Campbell Avenue, Vancouver)
Price: Adult – $20 | Student Senior – $15

Purchase Tickets Here

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