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Industry Series 2020 - Talking Stick Festival

Industry Series 2020

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Chén̓chenstway Industry Series 

February 21 to 24, 2020

in partnership with Simon Fraser University Woodward’s Cultural Programs

Be part of the 19th Annual Talking Stick Festival – western Canada’s premiere Indigenous performing arts festival – by attending the chén̓chenstway Industry Series.

The Industry Series is a four-day forum held from February 21st to February 24th 2020. It invites art presenters, artists, scholars, funders, and audience members together to build upon the previous Industry Series events, further imagining and demonstrating the strength, significance, and importance of Indigenous performing arts.

This year’s theme chén̓chenstway translates into “holding each other up” and will be the inspiration for this year’s discussions and topics. This may include exploring topics like wellness, barriers and successes, updates in past and ongoing cultural discussions, and difficult conversations not often explored through a non-judgmental and intercultural lens. Participants will have an opportunity to witness and participate in six sessions to expand their own perspective and knowledge on the proposed topics.   

One pass for the chén̓chenstway Industry Series ranges between $215-$250. All passes include access to all Industry Series and Talking Stick Festival programming with the option of adding tickets to attend the Wa× Hok en Shqalawin (Open Your Hearts) Gala Celebration on February 20th and the chén̓chenstway Pop-Up Bistro on February 24th. Individual sessions have a $30 fee to cover the workshop and catering costs if applicable.

Due to limited space, we recommend purchasing your passes early through Eventbrite.

Schedule and Booklet available for download soon.