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Land, Map of the Stars - Talking Stick Festival

Map of the Land, Map of the Stars

Map of the Land, Map of the Stars

Brought to you by Gwaandak Theatre, Yukon’s only Indigenous-centered theatre company!

Spirits used to know the map of the stars. But they’ve lost their way. Can they find the trail home? Map of the Land, Map of the Stars is a story of how the gold rush and the Alaska Highway changed connections between land and sky, told through theater, dance, and music.

For more info: Map of the Land, Map of the Stars: Study Guide


Dates & Times: February 20, 21, 2018 @ 7pm & February 21, 22, 2018  @ 1pm

Location: Roundhouse Performance Centre (181 Roundhouse Mews, Vancouver)

Price: Adult – $25 | Student Senior – $20  | Child (under 10) – $5

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