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na5, ip, lr, y, be, cio, b7p, 0lw, q, FUKRY - Talking Stick Festival

FUKRY is a story of Ching Yazzie and friends as they get through life’s unexpected encounters, the ups and downs of falling in and out of love or not at all. Director: Blackhorse Lowe (90 minutes).


  • Date & Time: February 25, 2020 @ 7 pm
  • Location: Vancity Theatre (1181 Seymour St., Vancouver)
  • Tickets:

$13 Adult ticket & $2 membership*

$11 Student and Elders/ Seniors 55+ ticket & $2 membership*

$9 VIFF+ members

*Annual VIFF Vancity Theatre membership is mandatory ($2) for evening screening.

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