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Chexw Smen Han (Show ‘N’ Tell) - Talking Stick Festival
Kw’achmixwts Chexw Smen Han (Show ‘N’ Tell)

Kw’achmixwts Chexw Smen Han means “show me, tell me”. Gather early (before Tlakentli on February 26, and prior to Isitwendam on February 26 and 28) for a “show ‘n’ tell” – a short performance by some of our region’s most prominent traditional dance groups, accompanied by a sharing of their performances’ origins and meaning. 


  • Date & Time: Febraury 21/26/28, 2020 @ 6:30 pm
  • Location: Roundhouse Community Centre, Exhibition Hall  (181 Roundhouse Mews, Vancouver)
  • Tickets: Pay-What-You-Can