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Chén̓chenstway Visual Arts Exhibit - Talking Stick Festival
RISING— Chén̓chenstway Visual Arts Exhibit

Curated by Richard Heikkilä-Sawan

“We are here, pressed into time and the land, even when you enforce our absence.”—artist Whess Harman

RISING: going up, increasing, or sloping upward; (of a bird) depicted with the wings open but not fully displayed, as if preparing for flight; an armed protest against authority; a revolt. The notion of RISING is at once simple and complex. In the spirit of upholding each other, lifting each other up, we embark upon a journey. It is this journey that the exhibition “RISING: Chén̓chenstway” invokes.

I have gathered Indigenous visual artists of varying disciplines working with paint, textiles, sculpture and multimedia. As we learn about their truth through swipes of acrylic or oil, the warp and weft of yarn, or even projected pixels, their stories become apparent—we are implicated. We are upheld!

Upholding each other, lifting each other up—RISING—we soar in full view; our enforced absence forever vanquished. We are here! 

—Richard Heikkilä-Sawan


  • Date & Time: February 18, 2020 @ 7:30 pm
  • Location: Roundhouse Community Centre, Exhibition Hall (181 Roundhouse Mews, Vancouver)
  • Tickets: By donation