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0g5, qo, v, The Stew Jams Afterparty - Talking Stick Festival
The Stew Jams Afterparty

The Stew Jams Afterparty:

Curated by Christie Lee Charles, Full Circle: First Nations Performance and The Stew Jams team up to present an evening of Coast Salish hip hop. The Stew is soul food, serving up endless love and hip hop to our community since March 2018. Some of our city’s greatest musicians, vocalists and MCs, connecting through the rhythms of hip hop/R&B/funk/soul, come together to improvise for this def community event.  It goes like this: the band sets up the groove… the vocalists and MCs catch a vibe and grab a mic… the rest makes history!

  • Information:

    • Date & Time: February 24, 2020 @ 10 pm
    • Location: Red Gate Arts Society (1965 Main St., Vancouver)
    • Tickets: 

Suggested donation of $10 or Pay-What-You-Can