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Your Hearts) Opening Gala - Talking Stick Festival
Wa× hoks en Shqalawin (Open Your Hearts) Opening Gala

The Talking Stick Festival’s opening gala is an evening of great entertainment and celebration!

Come gather with us at the Wax hoks en Shqalawin (Open Your Hearts) to sample a selected showcase of 2020 festival performers while enjoying a buffet dinner. 

This year’s gala performances feature the  dynamic V’ni Dansi, a Vancouver-based company that performs traditional and contemporary Métis jigging and Indigenous contemporary dance, and M’Girl’s talented ensemble of Indigenous women whose hand drum songs blend with potent harmonies into a contemporary gospel style. Their songs have roots in the Métis, Cree, Anishnaabe,  Saulteaux, and the Tahltan/Tlingit traditions.

Join in and celebrate the launch of the 19th year of Western Canada’s premiere Indigenous Arts festival! 


  • Date & Time: February 20, 2020 @ 7 pm
  • Location: Roundhouse Community Centre, Exhibition Hall (181 Roundhouse Mews, Vancouver)
  • Tickets: $10 – $45 plus service charge & tax